Film: Mad to be Normal @ Rendezvous with Madness

Mad to be Normal is a story of R.D. Laing a pioneer, 'anti-psychiatrist who challenged everything about mental illness, the medical model, ECT and forced medication. Join us at the Rendezvous with Madness festival and buy tickets now (November 3 at 7:00) co-presented by Sound Times. Mad to be Normal - ImageThe radical Scottish ‘anti-psychiatrist’ Ronald David Laing once exhorted a patient admitted to his experimental treatment facility at Kingsley Hall in east London to ‘go mad.’ Laing, the subject of this compelling dramatic portrait directed and co-written by Robert Mullan, believed madness was “a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world,” and encouraged those drawn to his treatment – which shunned medication but embraced LSD – to be themselves no matter what mental turbulence might ensue. It was a variation on the radical communal living experiments being conducted around the world during the ’60s, but at Kingsley Hall the revolution was of the mind. As Laing, the Scottish actor David Tennant (Dr. WhoBroadchurch) is mesmerizing: brilliant, arrogant, magnetic, infuriating, and maybe more than a little mad himself. *Director Robert Mullan in attendance *There will be a PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN re-screening on Saturday, November 4th 11:00am at Workman Arts Theatre Co-presented with British Council, Friends of the CAMH Archives, Sound Times and Toronto Psychedelic Society Sound Times is a member-driven consumer/survivor initiative providing mental health support services in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are funded by the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network.