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The Bulletin is ready to bring consumer survivor voices to the community and to connect you to information and resources.

The Bulletin is the publication of and for the consumer survivor community. It continues the legacy of the Consumer Survivor Information and Resource Center, which produced the Consumer Survivor Bulletin. Sound Times publishes "The Bulletin". Sound Times is a consumer survivor initiative.

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After you click, you will be taken to the Mailchimp sign-up page. To avoid missing the Bulletin, please add our email ( to your known senders so it does not end up in your junk folder. You can find the version of the Bulletin here.Old paper scroll titled

Sign-up for the Bulletin!

You will be taken to the Mailchimp sign-up page. Please add our email ( so it does not end up in your junk folder. Old paper scroll titled There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each copy of the Bulletin if you ever wish to unsubscribe. We will send you the Bulletin up to 2 times per month.

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Most recent Bulletin with full pictures: 

The Bulletin May 1, 2018

Big red apple with human teeth and smiling open mouth. 






The Bulletin April 16, 2018 

Yellow dinosaur walking black dog on a Toronto street.







The Bulletin April 1, 2018 


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