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News about Sound Times and Consumer-Survivor Information Resource Centre (CSIRC)

[We have merged as of April 1st, 2018. Read the Bulletin and see how the consumer survivor mission continues to develop.]

We have some exciting news about Sound Times and the Consumer- Survivor Information Resource Centre (CSIRC).

CS Info CentreFor the past 25 years, CSIRC has been providing valuable resources including a tax clinic and information for people in the community. Some of you will be familiar with the Bulletin produced by CSIRC – an information source for people who have experience with mental health and/or addictions.

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Sound Times and CSIRC are both interested in looking at new, more effective ways to reach community members of with information and other support services.  In order to do that, Sound Times and CSIRC and planning to merger.  This means that CSIRC’s services would be part of Sound Times as of April 2018.

With changes in technology and the demographics of our community, people’s information needs are changing. There has been a steady drop in the number of people who visit the CSIRC’s current office at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and we know that the information that is out there about mental health and addictions, including the Bulletin, doesn’t reach many in our community who need support.

By joining together, we will be in a position to reach more people in our community with information and support with their personal health and other needs such as housing, employment, and education. For example, we will look at better ways to bring meaningful information directly to individuals in shelters, drop ins, and other locations as well as through our web site and other digital formats.

The CSIRC’s current tax clinic will be provided out of the current location at CAMH for the 2017 tax season.  Going forward, Sound Times will look at ways to combine our current tax support services with CSIRC’s tax services and to provide people with tax support either directly or by linking them with other free tax services that are available in the community.

If you have questions or thoughts about the integration plans, please contact us at ((416) 979-1700 x237 timbrown at

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