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Act at City Hall

Toronto City Council will make big decisions in February about money (Budget, TTC, Police). You might want to get involved.

How: You could talk to the councillors (who are our employees cause we voted for them!). You can present (also known as “depute” before a committee). for community advocacy groups at St. Stephen’s Community House, Yonge Street Mission, CRC 40 Oak and Sound Times. Groups like TTC Riders are also going to be working hard in the coming months.

WhenFind meeting times at the City Calendar:  //

==>Bottom line: You can always go to listen and stay for as long as you like. They just started searching bags for protest signs.


TTCriders, Fair Fare Coalition and Toronto Drop In Network

They are teaming up to provide training and support so you can have your say during the City Budget process. One thing you can do is make
a deputation on February 7 or 11th. Here is why:

1. Drop ins There has never been enough funding to meet the needs and goals of drop ins and of people who want a safe, dignified place to go and get basic, critical services and supports.

Your deputation can show why drop ins are important and need an increase in funding and new funding for three new staff positions that will support drop in participants across Toronto.

2. Public transit fares have increased twice as fast as the rate of inflation in the last 10 years because the TTC is the least subsidized transit system in North America.

Your deputation can show how important an affordable TTC is and why TTC should get more funding. Also make sure that the Fair Pass Program (that gives discount on fares to people on OW and ODSP) is funded again, for more people, with bigger discounts, in 2019.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
2:00 – 4:00
@ the Corner Drop in, St Stephen’s Community House, 260
Augusta Ave (Come to reception)
Light refreshments and tokens provided
and a draw at end of training (prize – what every activist
Supported by St Stephen’s Member Advocacy Committee


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