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There’s a gap in our mental health services. I have an idea that can work

Andrea White and Mad Pride on the Rock have been working on an alternative to the usual mental health hospital/institutions. [Can “asylum” be reclaimed? Maybe a super space, super chill space, simple refuge, simple safe home?]

There’s a gap in our mental health services. I have an idea that can work

I want to build an asylum. A real one

…Not an archaic red brick building like the Waterford Hospital, with all the trappings of a Victorian mental hospital. We have that….

Our community needs an asylum in the original sense of the word.

A refuge. A sanctuary.

A more simple place. A safe place for folks in pain, distress, confusion and those feeling overwhelmed by their circumstances.

A safe place. Designed and run by folks who have been or are mental health service users. A place that would divert people from hospital emergency rooms, police contact — and create a minimum disruption in a person’s life.

A place where a person could retreat for a few days in a home-like atmosphere. A place without locked doors. A place that is welcoming to all people, and draws on their strengths and abilities.

A place that provides a holistic, non-judgmental, empathic and respectful service to anyone who needs it.

A place to breathe.

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