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Do you want Out of the Cold Program Funding to be permanent?

Does permanent funding of these programs imply that the our most vulnerable friends are being condemned to mats? “The Out of the Cold program … was started more than three decades ago as an emergency or stopgap solution, but has since become almost a de facto shelter system.”

Or does a permanent funding mean that we can save the desperate advocacy needed each winter to prevent freezing? There will be opportunities for survivors to work to provide for the short term desperate needs and to work for better  housing that we deserve as residents—under an accessibility and inclusionary view.
Check out the Toronto Star article by Emily Mathieu November 22, 2018 // Photo: (RICK MADONIK / TORONTO STAR)

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the Bulletin December 2018

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Policy Changes need Survivor Responses

The Ontario government “For The People” has promised jobs rather than increasing social assistance. The government will change the definition…
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What should we include in the Food Issue?

Food Access, Advocacy, Fun

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