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Forum about the Needs of Millions of People with Disabilities – April 7 at 10

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Governments Must Now Meet the Urgent Needs of Millions of People with Disabilities During the COVID-19 Crisis – A Captioned Online Virtual Public Forum Lets Experts Give the Top Priorities from the Frontlines Tomorrow 10 am. EDT

April 7th from 10-11:30


The harms and hardships of COVID-19 are falling disproportionately on people with disabilities. What must Government do to make sure patients with disabilities can access critical health care services during the COVID-19 crisis, and to make sure that no one is denied medical services due to their disability?

These are just some of the urgent questions that will be tackled tomorrow from starting at 10 am EDT during a Virtual Public Forum on the urgent needs of people with disabilities during the COVID-19 crisis. Log in to //

Organized by the grassroots AODA Alliance together with the Ontario Autism Coalition, this public forum brings together a diverse spectrum of experts to explain what extra hardships are imposed on people with disabilities and what Governments must do now to address this.

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