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211 – Information about community services

Toronto Drop-in Network - listings open/closed

Ontario has a COVID-19 self-assessment tool 

Latest Bulletin (April 6th)

Assessment Centre – When and where to get tested

There are limited test kits so you may not be eligible now. Check before you go with Telehealth Ontario Telephone: 1-866-797-0000…

Essential Services – Sound Times

Ontario government has ordered all non-essential businesses to close by 11:59 this Tuesday. Essential businesses include grocery stores, pharmacy, hardware,…

Homeless person and paramedic amongst new cases of COVID-19

The first case of COVID-19 has been reported. The city says this was expected. There is not enough housing and…
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Should folks with disabilities determine plans COVID-19?

How about an advocacy party? Advocate for tenants and low income folks with ACORN  Send this urgent message to your…

Corrections officer has COVID – the South

EXCLUSIVE: Correctional officer at Toronto South Detention Centre tests positive for COVID-19, sources say BY CRISTINA HOWORUN POSTED MAR 20, 2020…

Police Stations not open to public

Police facilities are closed to the public. Services are available online, through the non-emergency (416-808-2222) and the emergency number (911).…

We are open to serve you

By Phone or in Person if you do not have a phone. 


Get information you need about Coronavirus or COVID-19

We will try to keep you up to date about COVID-19 / Coronavirus at this site. Feel free to send updates about closed/open services and resources bulletin @ sign with hands rubbing soap. Text: Please wash your hands

Do you think you might have COVID-19?

  1. Take this COVID-19 self assessment at 
  2. Call Telehealth for Medical Advice - 1866-797-0000
  3. If you decide to go to your doctor or a hospital call ahead.

Find out what is open and closed through the Toronto Drop-In Network (TDIN)

Keep up-to-date about what is open and closed follow the trail...

Wash your hands, sing a song, and look out for each other!

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Brown report cover with stars. Text reads "Broken Record The Continued Criminalization of Mental Health Issues"

Broken Record – Continued Criminalization of Mental Health Issues

You may or not be aware that the biggest mental health care provider in Ontario is the prison system. Learn…

Referrals – Fill out the form for you or a client

Fill out this referral form and send it to Sound Times by fax - 426-979-8354 MHJ_Prevention_Referral_Form-e-fillable format

Staying cool in a closed city – Heat Warning

How are people supposed to stay cool when the libraries, malls, restaurants and other public spaces are closed? COVID-19 has…

Toilets – Public Health Now

Where can you go when you need to go? Here is an updated map by the folks at @totoiletcodes about…

Libraries live! Get a virtual library card during COVID

Libraries are closed. But the new virtual library card gives you access to electronic and audio books. Right now you…

COVID-19 outbreak at CAMH (as of April 14)

When clients and staff at CAMH test positive for COVID-19 what happens? CAMH has been updating cases, staffing, policies and…