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Job: PASAN Federal HCV/HIV Community Development Coordinator

Federal HCV/HIV Community Development Coordinator
Hours of Work: 35hrs
Rate of Pay:  $49,572Pasan Logo
Job classification: Permanent
Internal Posting: Deadline August 22nd. External August 29
PASAN is an organization that supports people inside federal and provincial prisons, as well as those who are formerly incarcerated, around health and harm reduction.  We do this in many ways, including visiting and working with people inside, over the phone, through written correspondence and with visits and drop-ins to our office, located in downtown Toronto.  Making connections with people inside remains at the heart of our approach to this work, and one of our most recognizable and effective ways of doing this is through our quarterly health publication, Cell Count, which features stories, poetry, and artwork produced by people inside, as well as community resources and relevant information around health and harm reduction.  Many of us spend part of our time traveling to the various institutions around Ontario to create these connections as well.

The Federal In-reach Community Development Coordinator maintains regular contact with people inside federal institutions in Ontario as well as correctional staff and various community organizations who also do prison-related work. You would also conduct consultations, workshops, groups and one-on-one visits with people inside around various topics relating to health and harm reduction, as well as specific work with our client-base living with HIV and others living with HCV.  This is a full-time, permanent and unionized position.

Click the button below to apply.  You will be taken to the Charity Village application process where you will need to login or register for an account with them.  The deadline for this posting is August 29th, 2019 at 4pm.

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