Shelter COVID-19 at Shelters – 25 people on April 13

City of Toronto has 25 cases at 7 separate locations. According to the City staff, more than 1000 people have moved into other locations (including hotels) to increase space for physical distancing. This process is ongoing. Doctors without Borders is working on a Recovery Centre for suspected and confirmed COVID-19 homeless people (400 people).

[Bulletin] The City has been moving people out of shelters and into hotels and other locations for over a week. There was no comment by city staff about why it was taking so long.

Homes First Society first notified about cases at Willowdale Welcome Centre on Thursday

…A refugee shelter in Toronto is reporting four cases of COVID-19, and the organization that manages the facility says multiple other cases of the virus have appeared at other shelters in the city.

Homes First Society said it was first notified about the cases at Willowdale Welcome Centre on Thursday and the organization is waiting to hear back on multiple other tests. The facility currently houses more than 200 people.

“People are very frightened, these are things that don’t make us comfortable,” said Patricia Mueller, CEO of Homes First Society, which operates other shelters in Toronto for people who are homeless or struggling with addiction.

“This is all new ground for our staff in terms of trying to educate about physical distancing.”

Mueller said staff have erected plexiglass shields at counters and have shuffled residents to different shelters to space out occupants, but it can be difficult to get people to take physical distancing rules seriously.

In some of the organization’s shelters for people with addictions, she says staff can’t leave out hand sanitizer because residents will consume the bottles. …





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