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What is new in Hearing Voices?

These Hearing Voices Cafe events just missed the January Bulletin. Checkout MADx for the kick ass music and comedy 

  • Mon 7 Jan     Hearing Voices Café
  • Thu  17th Jan      Hearing Voices Group
  • Thu 31 Jan      Workshop#1 – Accepting Voices – three spaces available.
  • Fri      1st  Feb     MADx  Alive n Kicking

Hearing Voices Café

Mon 7th Jan | 6pm to 8pmHearing Voices Cafe
Coffee and All That Jazz

72 Howard Park Ave Roncesvalles

  • The Hearing Voices Café is based in a very simple premise: that we can meet to talk about difficult human experiences in ordinary places and in ordinary language – so we do.
  • HV Café is for everyone, especially  the “just curious”  2019 will see HV Café focus on creating space for families caregivers space to meet and find support.
  • Our first meet of 2019 we will be joined by Clayo Lannemets who is leading a project to create online navigation resource for young people who struggle and the families who struggle to support them.



Hearing Voices Group

Thur 17th Jan  | 6pm to 730pm

4th Floor, Boardroon InnerCity FHT 69 Queen St E.

NEW HOME:  We meet in space offered by ICFHT there will be a drop-in clinic running, just say hi at and let reception know you’ve come for the group, or ask for ”Kevin”.

A note on Referrals:       Non  required, non accepted, non given.
Note  Our HV group is a more private space where people can share and make sense of their own personal experiences, 
if you are concerned with someone else or just curious, or if it’s your first time,  then you might want to try the HV Cafe first- it’s more open and it’s for everyone..



Workshop #1 Accepting Voices

Three spaces remaining.

Thu 31st Jan  9.30am to 4.30pm

“Offers a way of understanding difficult experiences that your nursing Hearing Voices Posterdegree will never prepare you for.”

Get on The Bus: start your 2019 with hope and put a tilt in your universe.
Join us and members of Sherbourne Health’s Moss Park Health Bus.

More information and Register online:


MADx – Alive n Kicking

Fri 1st Feb  | 9pm to Midnight
Imperial Pub

MADx is about life.
And it’s about voice, finding and using yours and about bearing witness as others find and use theirs.
Short Story | Stand Up | Spoken Word | Songs | Stuff not beginning with “S”

Q. How do we free ourselves of others’ ideas of who they would have us be?

MADx is a Live Performance Night
If you want to perform on the MADx stage then drop then drop us a line/ pitch us at :

Note, This edition we’ll be capturing footage of performances for a promotional video for our forthcoming MADx Kickstarter campaign. You’ll not appear in  the video if you don’t want to – but if you want a good Friday night out then come join us at the Imperial say “Blah!” to February and make a joyful noise.



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