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Consultations 24 hour drop-ins – Food

There is an opportunity for public (you and me) consultations now! If you are a user of these services were you consulted? Is this a time for a service user joint effort to set out good policies now before implementation starts.  (I acknowledge that these drop-ins are not a solution to housing and inclusion.) Interim Standards //

Shelters must “Offer clients safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs”. Meet Canada’s Food Guide. “Avoid serving food with poor nutritional value (e.g., foods high in processed sugar, fat and salt)” They cannot use or withhold food to influence behaviour (either as reward or punishment)”

Food must meet dietary , vegetarian, medical, breastfeeding, and cultural diversity needs.

24-Hour Respite Sites Interim Standards

1) Facility

2) Intake/admission

3) Client orientation

4) Privacy & confidentiality

5) Documentation & Reporting

6) Food

7) Personal Needs

8) Sleeping Area

9) Health & Safety

10)  Referral

11)  Service Restrictions

12)  Maintenance & Cleaning

13)  Complaints

Do you know someone interested in making a deputation to council? Contact us.

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