Sound Times And Friends & Advocates Information Brochures

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Support is provided first and foremost by maintaining an environment that respects people as autonomous individuals and members of our community. We believe that the best support is the result of natural relationships that flourish between peers. We provide the following services: Peer Support – Join a community of your peers and learn ways to build supports for yourself from members who have done it. Basics – Finding resources for food, clothing, shelter, etc. Advocacy – Advocating with ODSP, OW and CPP, negotiating accommodations, rental disputes, etc. Making sure members are getting all the benefits and services they are entitled to. Service Co-Ordination and Referral – Helping members access new services if they want them and co-ordinating the ones they have. Education – Individual instruction in basic (Windows-based) computing and email, resume writing, assistance with applying and registering for Adult Education, college or university and Financial Aid applications, etc. Mental Health and Justice – Support and services are available for consumers and survivors who are in contact with the courts, police, probation and parole or who are in custody. Click here for more information. Harm Reduction – Discussion groups, presentations and workshops, referrals to community drug and alcohol treatment programs.


Individuals use the services of Sound Times by joining as a Member. People can come to Sound times for their first three visits as our guest. This allows for someone to choose if they wish to join the Sound Times community. The Sound Times members have written a Bill of Rights to govern how our community will function. Membership in Sound Times is free.