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Bulletin #14 - 611 March, 2019

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the Bulletin (Food) Issue 8 / 605

1. Food (security) and mental health is complicated

We are constantly bombarded with adFood Booklet Pages, advice, and warnings on how much and what to eat. And it all costs too much time and money. For folks with disabilities, our diets can help or hinder our day-to-day and long term health.


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The Bulletin connects you to useful resources and ideas to take control of your life. We also share news and events to build community. 

The Bulletin is the publication of and for the consumer survivor community. It continues the legacy of the Consumer Survivor Information and Resource Center, which produced the Consumer Survivor Bulletin. Sound Times publishes "The Bulletin". Sound Times is a consumer survivor initiative.

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Bulletin #13 - 610 February, 2019

  • Relationships with emergencies, housing, policeCrazy for you teddy bear, wearing a straightjacket.
  • History of stigma and privatization
  • Disability justice includes relationships
  • Jobs

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Bulletin #12 - 609 January 1st, 2018Monkey Smiling at Camera


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Bulletin #11 - 608 December 1st, 2018


Bulletin #10 - 607 November 1, 2018

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Bulletin #9 - 606 October 1, 2018 

1. Big changes with Money and Rights

  • Ford says: Minimum wage is not going up to $15Your City Your Vote
  • ODSP and OW will rise 1.5% (not 3%)
  • Toronto Election will have 25 wards that match the provincial ridings.
  • Marijuana will be legal October 17 but there is no certainty about locations, prices and cities yet.

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The Bulletin #8 605 September 1, 2018 - the Food Issue!Food Booklet Page

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The Bulletin #7 604 August 1, 2018 - Version: Lovely pictures at MailchimpIce cubes on fire

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The Bulletin # 603 July 1, 2018 Dog wearing a cat as a hat.

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The Bulletin #602 June 1, 2018Exploding soccer ball

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The Bulletin #601 May 15, 2018 

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The Bulletin #600 May 1, 2018

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The Bulletin #599 April 16, 2018

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The Bulletin #598 April 1, 2018

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Full Bulletin Issues to download

Safe Supply Report CAPUD

Full report at // HOW “SAFE SUPPLY” IS DEFINED Safe supply refers to a legal and regulated supply of drugs…
Person holding a cellphone in front of their face as they are walking down a street.

Social Disability model – Cellphone distraction vs blind people

Disabilities don't just happen because of vision or mobility impairments. Disabilities come from the interaction between our impairments / differences…
Toronto skyline with a giant construction crane and the CN Tower in the background.

Supportive housing should play ‘critical’ role in city’s 10-year plan, says board of health

Supportive housing should play 'critical' role in city's 10-year plan, says board of health Lauren Pelley · CBC News ·  Feb 26, 2019…

Is the “iglou” a tube of survival, dignity, housing?

"Insulated Shelters IGLOU - an innovation to save lives." The iglou [not an igloo] is made out of Styrofoam pieces…
Dog wearing a cat as a hat.

Bulletin #603 Summer heat, debts, pets

the Bulletin #603 Resources for Consumer / Survivors/ Service and Substance Users / Fun Folks in TORONTO AREA #6 - 603 July 1, 2018 Navigate Below:…
Exploding soccer ball

Bulletin 602 Elections, Drug Policy, Street Soccer

the Bulletin Resources for Consumer / Survivors/ Service and Substance Users / Fun Folks in TORONTO AREA #5 - 602 June 1, 2018:…

Bulletin 601 Full

  the Bulletin MEETING THE INFORMATION NEEDS OF CONSUMERS/SURVIVORS #601 May 16, 2018: Go Community! [Enable pictures at the top of…

Bulletin Issue 600 Test

Campaign URL Copy Subscribe This Bulletin: Dialogues about the Future, Rights, Housing, Elections, How to get support, training, employment. Fun events…

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