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World map that highlights countries where drug consumption rooms are legal. List is below.

Why Drug Consumption Rooms Benefit People Who Don’t Use Drugs

FYI: This article is for an audience of people who don’t use drugs. How do your experiences and views relate…
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November Bulletin 607

1. Drugs, "Consumption and Treatment Centres" and finances  On  October 17th, the federal government legalized cannabis. This Bulletin contains a  FAQ and information…

Drugs, treatment centres and finances,

In October, there were big decisions about legalizing cannabis and the tentative  permission for continued substance use spaces. There have…
Two outlined bodies to show how complex the blood system is. One has red arteries. One has blue veins.

SIS and OPS and Vein Care

Vein Care Workshop (by and for people who inject drugs) Monday August 13 from 1-3 Street Health 338 Dundas Street…