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Sound Times East (Main) Sound Times Main Building Front

280 Parliament St, Toronto, M5A 3A4 - Access Sound Times on Poulette Street (the back of our building) Sound Times Hours of Operation Office Hours: Monday To Fridays: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m [Note change to 5:00].

Phone: 416-979-1700 Fax Line: 416-979-8354

Lana FradoExecutive Director 416-979-1700 x 222
Steve CarrollTraining, Education & Development Manager 416-979-1700 x 221
Jane Anglin Administration and Finances 416-979-1700 x 228
Nick Harrilall Program Manager 416-979-1700 x 225
Rebecca Walker Community Resource Team Lead 416-979-1700 x 236
Andrew Gartner Intake/Outreach Worker 416-979-1700 x 258
Christine Gregory Community Resource Worker 416-979-1700 x 230
Jim Johnson Community Resource Worker 416-979-1700 x 223
Andrew CohenCommunity Service Worker 416-979-1700 x 284
Anna Maidiotis  Community Service Worker 416-979-1700 x 241
Dee Hope Community Service Worker 416-979-1700 x 229
Maurice Knibbs Community Service Worker 416-979-1700 x 334
Michelle LiuCommunity Service Worker 416-979-1700 x 224
Nicole Tresnak Community Service Worker 416-979-1700 x 233
Rose Cunningham Community Service Worker 416-979-1700 x 235
Samantha Dangubic Community Service Worker 416-979-1700 x 239
Tim Brown Community Advocate 416-979-1700 x 237

Sound Times West has closed and staff have moved to 280 Parliament Street!

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Schedule of legal and medical services

photo: open hands holding alarm

Legal Services from Legal Aid funded lawyer Amy Slotek on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Friday by appointment. Drop-in Monday, Wednesday from 2:00-4:00

Medical Services
General Practitioner Thursday 1:00-4:00
Psychiatrist Wednesday Drop-in for returning clients 9:30-12:00. First time visits 1:00-4:00 after membership
Foot Clinic 2nd Thursday of each month from 10:00-12:00
Hearing Clinic (ask for details)

All of these services are provided at the Sound Times Main location at 280 Parliament St.

Referral Form for the Mental Health and Justice Crisis Prevention Program

We invite agencies and workers to fax this form to (416) 979-8354