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Sound Times East (Main) Sound Times Main Building Front

280 Parliament St, Toronto, M5A 3A4 Sound Times Hours of Operation Office Hours: Monday To Fridays: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m [Note change to 5:00]. Main Phone: 416-979-1700 Fax Line: 416-979-8354
Name Role Phone
Steve Carroll Training, Education & Development Manager  416-979-1700 x 221
Jane Anglin  Administration and Finances  416-979-1700 x 228
Nick Harrilall - REFERRALS  Program Manager  416-979-1700 x 225
Christine Gregory  Community Resource Team Lead  416-979-1700 x 230
Rebecca Walker  Community Resource Team Lead  416-979-1700 x 236
Andrew Gartner  Intake/Outreach Worker  416-979-1700 x 258
Jim Johnson  Community Resource Worker  416-979-1700 x 223
Aatman Y. Modi Community Service Worker  416-979-1700 X 239
Dee Hope  Community Service Worker  416-979-1700 x 229
Jacklyn Joaquin  Community Service Worker  416-979-1700 x 226
Karina Tehrani  Community Service Worker  416-979-1700 x 240
Leah Feseha  Community Service Worker  416-979-1700 x 242
Nicole Tresnak  Community Service Worker  416-979-1700 x 233
Sarah Thorne  Community Service Worker  416-979-1700 x 232
Samantha Faerber  Community Service Worker  416-979-1700 x 227
Shyanah Kugaleswaran  Community Service Worker  416-979-1700 x 226
Terry Bertram  Community Service Worker  416-979-1700 x 234
Tim Brown  Community Advocate  416-979-1700 x 237
Victoria Timmins  Community Service Worker  416-979-1700 x 241
Lana Frado Executive Director  416-979-1700 x 222

Sound Times West has closed and staff have moved to 280 Parliament Street!

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Referral Form for the Mental Health and Justice Crisis Prevention Program

We invite agencies and workers to fax this form to (416) 979-8354

Or email our program manager Nick Harrilall.