Members Bill of Rights and Responsibility

Our Expectations:

To take ownership of and responsibility for our environment – that the Sound Times Community may foster such elements as:

  • Friendship and compassionImage of a blank Scroll
  • Understanding and sensitivity
  • Encouragement
  • Respect and dignity
  • Equality
  • Honesty


To take ownership of and responsibility for ourselves – that Sound Times may be free of: 

  • Violence
  • Threats
  • Discrimination*
  • Harassment *
  • Substance abuse or intoxication
  • Abusive and/or aggressive behaviour


To help invest in the care and maintenance of Sound Times: 

  • To clean up after ourselves
  • To respect and share our communal property
  • To expect fair resolutions to conflict – including:
    • Self mediation – resolving problems among yourselves
    • Staff support
    • Members meetings for large issues
    • Appropriate consequences
    • Availability of appeals*


* Policies available on request

So now you are a member...get involved.

Sound Times is ready for you.