Drop-in at the Resource Centre

Welcome to Sound Times. The members and staff make a space that respects people as autonomous individuals and members of our community. We believe that the best support is the result of natural relationships that flourish between peers. Joining a community of your peers helps you to learn ways to build supports for yourself.

Become a member. Show up. Get connected.

We can assist and connect you:

  • Assistance with necessities (such as finding resources for food, clothing, shelter, etc.);
  • Individual advocacy (advocating with ODSP, OW and CPP, negotiating accommodations, rental disputes, etc.);
  • Service co-ordination (making sure members are getting all the benefits and services they are entitled to and helping members access new services if they want them and coordinating the ones they have.
  • Discussion groups, support groups, presentations, workshops, and social and recreational activities are also available to members.
  • Education – Individual instruction in basic (Windows-based) computing and email, resume writing, assistance with applying and registering for Adult Education, college or university and Financial Aid applications, etc. Mental Health and Justice – Support and services are available for consumers and survivors who are in contact with the courts, police, probation and parole or who are in custody.
  • Harm Reduction – Discussion groups, presentations and workshops, referrals to community drug and alcohol treatment programs.
  • Relaxation, resources, fun

Participant Committee - Member driven activities

Sound Times is a member based organization. Participant Committee members are chosen from the membership. They hold meetings and report back to the membership through "all member meetings". The co-chairs also sit on the Board of Sound Times. They organize and advocate for members:

  • Advocacy Committee of members that work for systemic change. You can make a difference in the city and your world.  - ODSP "Raise the Rates", Housing, Shelters and more
  • Documentary Film Club
  • Special Events Committee

Community Service Internship Project

The Community Service Internship Project is for people who have experienced mental health and/or addiction issues. They get the opportunity for paid employment at Sound Times to acquire the skills, education and understanding necessary to seek employment with organizations affirming the value of lived experience for social service work.


SMART© Self Management and Recovery Training

SMART© is a self-empowering addiction program based in the latest recovery research and powered by a world-wide mutual-help community. Participants acquire practical, evidence-based tools to direct their own recovery from substance use problems. This program is in its second year of implementation.


Community activities

Come for the warm space and welcomes. Relaxed and safe members and staff create opportunities for learning, advocacy and fun. Sound Times is different than other drop-ins because members choose the activities, from food to fun. The Participant Committee organizes and executes many events in addition to the ongoing activities below.


Breakfast Club and Lots of Toast

We have a  breakfast from 9:00-11:00. You can meet other members and get a simple breakfast of cereal and yogurt and coffee. Members also decided to have a toast and coffee program at times during the day. These are all free and available to all members.


Computer Centre

You can use the computers to access the internet and create and edit multimedia projects. You can work on resumes, job search and high school equivalency (GED).



Watch movies and Netflix on the large TV. We have movie passes. Share the jokes.



Pick-up a guitar, sing a tune or dance your cares away!

Search for More Resources

You can call 211 by phone or search for services, resources and housing. This link will take you outside Sound times. Use "back" to return.

Resource List

  • Start with Word-of-Mouth and staff connections!
  • Search 211
  • A few links

Member Film Project

Radar Films - Films by members about their ideas of consumer/survivors, mental health, ODSP, shelters, and more...

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