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The Food Edition of the Bulletin

We are constantly bombarded with ads, advice, and warnings on how much and what to eat. And it all costs too much time and money. For folks with disabilities, our diets can help or hinder our day-to-day and long term health. Issue of #8/605 of the Bulletin has ideas about food, nutrition, advocacy and dignity. Keep reading below. Enjoy. 
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 Advocacy For Food, Nutrition, and Dignity

· Dignity in Food systems (shelters, food banks, food programs)
· Right to Food—Internationally and in Canada
· Better Harm Reduction Tools include Harm Reduction Diets and Food Tips
· Income and Other Supports for Nutrition
· Shelter standards for food, diet and nutrition

==> Booklet for food access and advocacy


Vegetables, and a pot labelled SOUP

the Bulletin (Food) Issue 8 / 605

1. Food (security) and mental health is complicated We are constantly bombarded with ads, advice, and warnings on how much…
Food Booklet Page 1 example

the little Food Booklet

This is the beginning of the Food Resource booklet: Title: Food: Get good food and connect to community. Download the…

Prescription for food

...Because... “We know that food is medicine, yet we do not prescribe healthy food nor is it covered under health…
Two outlined bodies to show how complex the blood system is. One has red arteries. One has blue veins.

Food, water, vein health

Why is vein health important? Vein health is important because veins are responsible for the circulation of your blood. The…

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