*** Services are available from 10:00-4:00 at 280 Parliament or by phone ***

You can contact your worker by phone: 416-979-1700

COVID-19 Legal Aid Lawyer by phone

During the interim period and until further notice, Legal Aid Ontario services are still available to members who are eligible. The LAO Staff Lawyer, Amy Slotek, can be reached via email at sloteka@lao.on.ca or via phone through Andrew Gartner at 416 979 1700 extension 258. Amy will continue to hold 'drop-in hours'  on the phone every Monday and Wednesday from 2-4:00 for those members who would like legal information and/or advice. If she doesn't answer, please leave a message and your call will be answered in priority. 

You can get started as soon as you show up. We don't have a waiting list. We will work with you on your short and long term needs.

And you can Learn more about Sound Times

Quality Information and Resources you can trust at the Community Hub.
Join the community. Access information and resources about community, food, clothing, housing, mental health and addiction services. And you can find a safe, warm space to relax.

You can get help with issues of mental health, addiction and justice. Our experienced consumer / survivor staff bring expertise in housing, health, law, parole, release plans and more.

You can get legal supports in the following areas: immigration and refugee services, criminal, family and limited civil / administrative law matters. 

Available Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Friday by appointment. Virtual Drop-in Monday, Wednesday from 2:00-4:00.

We have understanding medical practictioners, including a general practitioner and a psychiatrist. 


We provide hard-to-access expert support in a safe, social, downtown setting

We can connect you to resources and advocacy.


  • Drop-by, email (info@soundtimes.com)
  • Get Urgent Help today at the Resource Centre [Link]

& When you are ready:

  • Mental Health and Justice Intervention
  • Pre-release planning
  • Service Coordination with Community Workers (Case Managers) - through intake and (self)referral
  • Community Support for mental health, concurrent disorders, dual diagnosis, trauma, PTSD
  • Bottom line: Free expert advice that’s hard to get

Membership: How do I join?

Individuals use the services of Sound Times by joining as a Member. People can come to Sound times for their first three visits as our guest. This allows for someone to choose if they wish to join the Sound Times community. Membership in Sound Times is free.

Resource Centre and Advocacy

You can connect to lots of resources through the resource centre.

Join a community of your peers and learn ways to build supports for yourself from members who have done it.

Basics – Finding resources for food, clothing, shelter, etc.

Advocacy – Advocating with ODSP, OW and CPP, negotiating accommodations, rental disputes, etc. Making sure members are getting all the benefits and services they are entitled to.  

Mental Health and Justice

We can support you with your mental health and justice issues. If you are a consumer/survivor and you worry about getting arrested, you are currently facing charges, or you have had charges in the past year, you can come and talk to us about the kind of help you feel you need. You do not need a referral.

Sound Times also provides a Release from Custody Planning service to people who are being released from a correctional facility. If you are in custody, you can call us collect during the hours we are open. //secureservercdn.net/

This is sometimes called case management. We focus on advocacy and supports for your needs.

  • Intensive Community Supports
  • The Toronto Mental Health and Justice Network
  • Services and Supports
  • Court and Custody-Based Mental Health Services
  • Mental Health Court Support and Diversion Services Release from Custody Services
  • Community Support Services
  • Specialized Supports for Individuals with Dual Diagnosis
  • Specialized Supports for Individuals with Concurrent Disorders

Mental Health and Justice Services Network

Sound Times is a member of the Toronto Mental Health and Justice Network. We provide a Prevention service intended to support consumers and survivors who are at risk of coming into contact with the Criminal Justice system. The Toronto Mental Health and Justice Network is a network of service providers that serve the consumer/survivor population across Toronto. The goal of this initiative is to prevent and reduce contact with the criminal justice system by providing services to persons living with serious mental illness.

The network serves anyone aged 16 or older with a serious mental illness who has or is at significant risk of current involvement with the criminal justice system.

Click here for the Mental Health & Justice referral form (PDF)

Mental Health & Justice Staff Contact:

Nick Harrilall
Community Service Worker – Lead
416-979-1700 ext 225

_______Map of referral zones. Sound Times is Eglinton to the Lakeshore and Keele to Victoria Park.

Services and Supports

The Toronto Mental Health and Justice Network offers a variety of services and supports throughout Toronto. Participation in the services is voluntary. We encourage you to contact the service closest to the person requiring assistance.

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Medical Services

  • General Practitioner Thursday 1:00-4:00
  • Psychiatrist Wednesday Dropin for returning clients 9:30-12. First time visits 1:00-4:00 after membership
  • Foot Clinic 2nd Thursday of each month from 10:00-12:00
  • Hearing Clinic (ask for details) are you ok i am fine not

Upcoming Events