Happy holidays. Take care of yourself.

Short Hours December 24 9:00am-1:00pm

We are closed December 25, 26, 27, 28th Due to statutory holidays.

We are back next Wednesday and open New Years Eve December 31!

Closed January 3rd

Sound Times Pandemic Services 


 >>> Get advocacy 9:00am to 5:00pm <<<

We are still working on ways to provide access and the new window is one of them. If you have a simple question, or need a resource, need to pick up your mail, you can drop by and chat with someone without having to go through the screening and cleaning hassle.

You can still call us anytime for help over the phone.Front entrance of Sound Times shows the service window that provides safe access to service.

What can you do at Sound Times?

* meet with a worker if you need help with something
* connect with any other services or government offices with help if you need it
* get access to a phone
* charge your phone
* book an appointment with the psychiatrist
* meet privately through video conferencing with the psychiatrist
* connect with the lawyer
* check your email/social media accounts
* use our computer and space to meet privately with other “virtual” services
* use the washroom

We are working on adding new services, so check regularly for updates.

If you have a phone

  • This is the easiest and fastest way to get help
  • Cellphone held in a hand resting on a table. The phone has a map of North America.We are here Monday to Friday, 9-5
  • We can give you information, help you with a problem, ODSP, OW maybe even do your taxes!
  • You can make an appointment with Andrew Gartner to have a phone appointment with the psychiatrist, Dr. Rowe
  • You can make an appointment with Andrew Gartner to have a phone appointment with the lawyer, Amy Slotek
  • If you’ve been charged with an offense, we will help you

When to come to 280 Parliament Street

  • If you need to pick up documents related to your appointments, or something you are working on with a Sound Times staff through phone appointments, you can pick them up at 280 Parliament Street
    Image of Sound Times Building

    Sound Times Main

  • If you have mail delivered here
  • If you don’t have a phone and need to talk to a Sound Times worker
  • If you’ve been charged with an offense and couldn’t contact us by phone
  • If you don’t have a phone and have made an appointment with the doctor or the lawyer
  • If you want lists of resources where you can get meals, etc.

What to expect

  • We will ask you questions to determine if you have symptoms of COVID-19
  • If you do, we will help you go get tested
  • Before you come in, you will have to sanitize your hands
  • You will use a phone to talk to the lawyer or the doctor that we have set up
  • If you’re meeting with a Sound Times worker, you will sit at a laptop and meet with them through a video conference. It’s very easy and we will help you
  • The staff are dressed in protective equipment. We look weird. But we are seeing a lot of people and we don’t want to be virus spreaders
  • We are happy to see you, hope that you are healthy and want to help you as best as we can

Blue sign with hands rubbing soap. Text: Please wash your hands

Do you think you might have COVID-19?

  1. Take this COVID-19 self assessment at 
  2. If you are still concerned call Telehealth for medical Advice - 1-866-797-0000
  3. If you decide to go to your doctor or a hospital call ahead.

Find out what is open and closed through the Toronto Drop-In Network (TDIN)

Keep up-to-date about what is open and closed follow the trail...

Wash your hands, sing a song, and look out for each other!


Get information you need about Coronavirus or COVID-19

Get Started. Get Help. Get Supported.

Sound Times helps with mental health, substance abuse, justice, housing, and more. We are located in a convenient location in downtown Toronto. We have expert advice that's hard to get or afford. There is no waiting list. You are welcome at our non-judgmental spaces. 

You are welcome here.

Get services when you are ready. Find us on a MAP.  You can work at your own pace on your own goals. You don't need a referral but we do accept them. Get more information. Service providers: MH&J Referral Form

Sound Times is different

All staff and members are survivors with histories of mental and substance use issues. We build community through peer relationships, member control of activities, & respect for difference and advocacy.

Our mission is finding opportunity in difference.

Quality Information and Resources you can trust at the Community Hub

Join the community. We have a resource centre where you can access information about community, food, clothing, housing, mental health and addiction services. And you can find a safe, warm space to relax.

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