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Are you ready for psychosocial studies?

Is it in your head, society or in combination? How can we understand our complicated Mad lives, experiences, relationships and big structures like school, families, economics?  Psychosocial Studies looks at how psych and social experiences connect and influence each other. This could be another way to talk about mental health issues / disabilities / medical / economic relationships.Logo for the Association for Psychosocial Studies

Psychological issues and subjective experiences cannot be abstracted from societal, cultural, and historical contexts; nor can they be deterministically reduced to the social. Similarly, social and cultural worlds are shaped by psychological processes and intersubjective relations.

Psychosocial Studies is characterised by

  • (a) its explicit inter or trans-disciplinarity,
  • (b) its development of non-positivistic theory, method and praxis and
  • (c) its orientation towards progressive social and personal change.

Psychosocial research draws inspiration from a range of sources including sociology, psychoanalysis, critical psychology, critical theory, post-structuralism, process philosophy, feminism, post-colonial theory, queer theory and affect theory. Various “dialects” are in the process of emergence.


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