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Cartoon: Distraction and Desperate People

Do you ever feel like someone is trying to distract you?

Desperate People Make Ideal Workers and Distracted Citizens.

Let’s pay attention and use our desperation and vulnerability to make a difference!


Credi: Costa A –2014 –


Image description: Cartoon with three headlines and cartoons of people. Cartoon is from Australia. Punchline: Desperate People Make Ideal Workers. And Distracted Citizens. More detail: Headline 1: Desperate People who have 6 months with no welfare, high student debt, ATSI programs cut, high medical fees and who send 40 Job Apps a Month. Headline 2: Make Ideal Workers [who will Work for cheap, for pizza, down a mine, far from family, sell us your land if we create jobs on it? Headline 3: "And Distracted Citizens" who don't have time to pay attention: Climate change? I gotta pay rent! Disability Rights? Igotta find a job! Land Rights? I need to feed my kids! Refugees? I've got medical bills to pay! Long-Term Problems? I got short-term problems!

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