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Chalmers the Chatbot App – Resources for homeless people

Chalmers is a desktop and cellphone app to help you access services and resources for homeless and community services. It was designed by ample Labs, which “is a non-profit empowering those of us facing homelessness with technology”. You can type what you want and it responds with nearby resources:

Free Meals,  Overnight Shelter  Clothing Banks  Drop-Ins  Emergency Numbers  Mental Health services.

And you can Add a resource

Start of chat: Hello, my name is Chalmers, and I am what is known as a "chat-bot". I was designed by Ample Labs to help you find resources within the City of Toronto like the following.



open to all

We co-create tech solutions with a community of youth between 16 and 35 who are at-risk of and/or experiencing homelessness and come from intersections of diverse identities and situations such as…

  • Refugee newcomers
  • precarious work and job loss
  • mental health struggles and addiction
  • living with disabilities
  • histories of trauma


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