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Election 2019 – Canada Votes

Join Canada’s largest non-partisan voter campaign
Leading up to October 21st

The mission of the Democratic Engagement Exchange (housed at Ryerson University’s Faculty of Arts) is to build a vibrant and inclusive democracy where everyone living in Canada can contribute to building healthy communities.
This year, the Exchange is running a “VOTE 2019” campaign to empower local organizations to promote democratic engagement in their communities.
Here’s how you can get involved.

  1.  Join the first, and largest, non-partisan voter engagement campaign in Canadian history: The Canadian Vote Coalition. Already 500+ strong, Champion organizations include The Ontario Nonprofit Network, Imagine Canada, Community Food Centres Canada, Community Foundations of Canada and YWCA Canada. Sign up and you’ll receive tools and resources leading up to the election.
  2. Run a Vote PopUp (VPU) in your community. VPU is a fun program proven to help demystify the voting process. All the info you need to run a VPU is on the Exchange’s website. All materials can be ordered for free from Elections Canada, through the link. It takes little time to set up and can be easily integrated into existing programs.
  3. Participate in Democracy Week: Sept 8–15. Activate your community this week! The week culminates with a national Day of Action on September 15 (the International Day of Democracy). It can be as small as a ‘pizza and politics’ night, or as big as a concert. Join the Coalition and you’ll receive more information in the coming weeks.


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