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How to Finish

Do you get stuck? Are things in your head and life too heavy? Thanks to Grant Snider and Jon Acuff

How to finish comic

Alt Text: 8 panels with a person wearing a green shirt and brown pants faces challenges.

  1. Set the Bar Lower – Pole jumper jumps over low bar
  2. Simplify Your Task – Paintin has 3 squares with with only three colours.
  3. Take twice as long to go from A to B – Cyclist rides in circles not just a straight line and sees the birds and butterflies
  4. Neglect the Unimportant – Author types inside while grass goes wild because lawnmower is not being used
  5. Kill “Until” – Person pushes the letters of the word “UNTIL” over a cliff
  6. Get rid of secret rules – Racer is behind in a race as they avoid stepping on a crack
  7. Have twice as much fun – boxer punching a punching bag watches another boxer wearing a birthday hat and punching a donkey pinata
  8. Trade perfect for done – baker carries a crooked 8 layer cake. The oven is on fire and smoking.

This comic was inspired by Jon Acuff’s new book Finish. Thanks to Jon for the collaboration – you can get this poster on his book tour! //

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