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Moments in CS history April 2007 Consumers

Moments in C/S Info History

Volume 3 Issue 1 March  Bulletin 318, April 1,

Back in 2007: Where I’ve Turned for Support By SP (Anonymous author)Cash register. Text Change equals $0.00.

I struggled with episodes of feeling life was not worth living and I would not admit it to anyone because I felt ashamed for having those thoughts and I did not know about depression. It eventually got worse and one day I realized if I did not go get help I would not survive. This was late in my life….

I received very good help at the Lakeshore Outpatient Clinic and I learned what had contributed to making me feel like ending my life.

… As the label consumer/survivor states we are consumers and that means we are entitled to choose carefully the best products or services. If you were choosing a lawyer you would want to hopefully find the most competent one or risk losing. It is no different with mental health services and as a consumer you are entitled to the best help you can find. The choices are often a lot less if you are poor, which is very unfortunate, but you still deserve to try and find the best care because your life is at risk.

* And in 2019 *

Consumer Survivors in 2007 had better access to housing than today. Survivors have less power and rights as consumers than the average Walmart customer. We can’t return the therapy or drugs for a refund. We can’t sue for a slip-and-fall.

There are lots of navigators in the system but there is not a lot of useful reviews or choice about which services you want to use. This is why the Bulletin tries to refer to different ways to participate.

It is still hard to find information about quality services even though the internet is better than in 2007. Of course, the key is to be have service to choose from. And as consumers we don’t have money in our pockets to pay for them. We need to be more than consumers.

Our rights come from fighting for what we deserve as humans. Governments may not realize how important we are because they look past us. There are big changes coming in Ontario. Ready?

Survivor history continues… And check out the Disability Justice Network of Ontario—more ideas for Justice in May

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