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Moments in CS Info history 2005 – 2019

Moments in C/S  Bulletin History  Bulletin 294, February 15th, 2005

2005: Time doesn’t change things that much: Stigma. Privatization if health
Crazy for you teddy bear, wearing a straightjacket.

Director quits over ‘offensive’ bear Vermont Teddy Bear Co. has sold out of its $69.95 (U.S.) “Crazy for You” bear, which advocates for the mentally ill had labeled insensitive. The “Crazy for You” bears were sold complete with straitjackets and commitment papers. (Toronto Star, Thursday, February 10, 2005, page D6)

* * *

2005: Are our hospitals being privatized?

Bridgepoint, CAMH, Toronto Grace: Come to this important meeting and find out the implications of the potential “public private partnership” (P3) redevelopment of our hospitals this spring. What does it mean for patients,  professionals, and community agencies?
Speakers: John Campey, Executive Director, Community Social Planning Council of Toronto, Marilyn Churley, MPP, Toronto Danforth, John Cartwright, President, Toronto and York District Labour Council, Amy Go, Community Activist

* * *

AND NOW in 2019

You can still find the offensive/stigmatizing/awesome Halloween costumes and toys. Do you find the asylum story lines in Gotham, Split, Infinitely Polar Bear offensive? Why are there so many asylum themed escape houses?

But Privatization is (probably) not being considered by Premier Doug Ford: “He also told the bureaucrats that Health Minister Christine Elliott is working hard to protect the public health-care system, adding his government “will continue to ensure necessary funding for world-class health care in Ontario.”

You might want to follow along with the news and tell your MPP if you like public healthcare. It would be great if Doug Ford knows how you feel about private clinics like Dr. Brian Day’s of Vancouver, who is the founder of the private Cambie Surgery Centre  in Vancouver, which has brought a constitutional challenge to allow private healthcare. And that you disagree with former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell, who last fall testified in support of the Cambie clinic’s lawsuit, is a close adviser on the Ford government’s probe into hospital efficiencies. (Bob Hepburn, Toronto Star January 9, 2019.)

… Survivor history continues…

Next Month Hallway Health Care: A System Under Strain //


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