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Moments in CS Info History – 2005 – Heat

Heat affects survivors

Bulletin 305 August 15th 2005 – Heat

In 2015…Psychiatric survivor dies of “heat related” causes during heat wave Richard Howell, a psychiatric survivor who was living in a boarding home in Toronto’s west end, recently died of what the Coroner’s office described as “heat related” causes. In response, the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee (TDRC) held a press conference at PARC, urging that * there be “a Coroner’s Inquest to review the physical standards and operating requirements of the mental health boarding home system, including the use of psychiatric drugs and other medication and provision of air conditioning. Toronto Public Health should launch a city-wide educational campaign to inform psychiatric survivors, people with disabilities and the elderly of the serious health risks of psychiatric drugs and other medications* City of Toronto should legislate a maximum temperature in the city’s Municipal Code* The City should assist those most at risk during heat alerts by, for example, establishing a west-end cooling centre, and providing transportation to cooling centres (TDRC media advisory, July 4, 2005)

And now in 2019

The list for supportive housing is longer. Rooming house rooms are disappearing. There are no cooling centres opening this summer. Stay healthy. Stay wet and cool. Watch out for friends and neighbours especially if they are dealing with meds and drugs.

More information about Heat resources and needs in another Bulletin article.

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