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Recovery Colleges by Recovery in the Bin

CAMH is working on creating a Recovery College (RC) and there have been consultations and there is an email but no website: recovery college <>. You might have heard about it in the elevator at CAMH or on your Facebook feed if you know anyone who works at CAMH. Some quick questions to consider about an RC: Who decides the goals, programming, resources, outcomes, timing and the ways the RC will relate to the broader world and social-economic-disability issues? 

Recovery in the Bin is a critical theorist and activist collective from the United Kingdom where there is a long history of Recovery Colleges. RITB is a great source for when are stuck in the loop of frustration-waiting-services-waiting-disappointment.
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Stepford Recovery College

Where Alternative Facts are Not Just for Americans

Recovery in the Bin

Turning Binners into Winners since 2015


Welcome, and congratulations on taking this brave first step towards your recovery.
Your Future Starts Here! We’ve made a college just for Mentals: prepare to be patronised! You can pretend you are going to college just like the Normals!

…  Choose acceptance. Choose compliance. Choose someone else’s perfect life. Choose to recover. Choose it NOW.


Special Introductory Course in Form Filling  

Before we even get to any mindful shenanigans you will learn the art of the outcome measure so that we can demonstrate outcomes and get paid in full. You get bugger all. Though maybe it’s mindful form filling.


Bored of your regular toolkit of hammer and screwdriver? WE CAN EQUIP YOU WITH AN EMOTIONAL TOOLKIT to keep in your mindfulness toolbox. Mindfulness is proven to help you silently, repeatedly, re-experience all that long-repressed trauma. (Bring your own raisins.)

… Recovery Porn

Join us for our inspirational class ‘Writing Your Recovery Narrative’ and see your life story used fee-free in our promotional literature to help us obtain more NHS contracts. When you recover you can come back and tell your story, thus joining the recovery porn industry.

“Recovery has always only ever been an empty word that refers to whatever agenda or ideology anyone chooses.” Robert Dellar

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