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the little Food Booklet

This is the beginning of the Food Resource booklet:

Title: Food: Get good food and connect to community.

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Get Food:

There is lots of info and resources about food in Toronto… You might want to call or visit:

·      211 – community health, housing, Food info call or visit

·      City of – dial 311 for city services


·      The Stop

·      CRC – 40 Oak

·      Sistering

·      PARC

·      ODSP Action Coalition


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Food: Get good food and connect to community



Find food info: Call #211, will have a list


Drink water. That is all.


September 2018


Government of Ontario

111 Wellesley St W, Toronto, ON M7A 1A2


Rx# 123456789   Refills: unlimited

Patient Pays: $0.00


Name: “Mad” Community


(90) Healthy Meals /monthly

Dignified food system

Refills: unlimited

Brand: Right to Food ODSP


Date: yesterday, 2018



X Dr. Doug Ford

How to get quality dental care?

·       Free Dental for under 18s: //

·       Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, 101 Elm St. 416-864-8320

·       George Brown College, Wave Dental Clinic, 51 Dockside Dr., 3rd Floor
Low cost cleanings, small fillings and dentures

·       #211 has a list of dentist services











Food Waste Cost$

1.              Plan your meals. It reduces waste, and makes a for a fun household activity.

2.              Buy only what you need.

3.              Best before dates are required for manufacturing, but A sniff, a taste, or cutting off a bad part can keep good food from going to waste.

4.              Throw out the cook book, not the leftovers!

5.              Get spices, flavours and experiment.

6.              Blend it. Smoothies, sauces and soups can save all kinds of edgy veggies and fruits.

7.              Leftovers are pre-prepped ingredients. Leftovers are already cooked—making you that much closer to a new meal. With flash in the pan and some sauce or spice, last night’s discards become today’s delight.

Food Systems Lab: Closing the loop on food waste in Toronto



Right to Food – Advocacy


Ø International human rights: Adequacy, availability, accessibility, sustainability (UN ESCR Article 11)

Ø Food security requires income (Raise the ODSP and OW and Special Diet Rates


Ø There are food standards and ways to complain about food at Toronto Shelters, hospital, school, prison, jail Standards for food.

Ø Dignity at shelters, food banks and food programs is a right and good for community. We deserve it.

Special Diet – ODSP

Ø  Max of $250 per month …

Ø  Find the list of Conditions: //

Ø  Find amounts: //


1. Take the application form to an approved health care professional.

· a physician, a registered nurse in the Extended Class (Nurse Practitioner), a registered dietitian, a registered midwife or a traditional Aboriginal midwife (but only for medical conditions related to difficulties with breast-feeding).

2. Complete Section 1 of the form

3. Sign Section 4 of the form

4. Return the form.

When you have completed the application form, return it to your local Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program office.


Healthy Veins

Eat more fiber. Fiber is essential for balanced nutrition and normal digestive function.


Drink water, we all need it…and you deserve to be hydrated! Also, water helps fiber do its job by flushing out the system and by promoting circulation.


Foods that are good for your veins!


·       Strawberries

·       Red bell peppers or sweet peppers

·       Citrus fruits

·       Broccoli, Brussels sprouts

·       Tropical fruits – mangoes, papaya

Garlic, Spinach


Cut back on caffeine and cigarettes 1-2 hours before using. Caffeine and cigarettes can shrink veins and make them harder to find.

(Food Skills, CRC | Regent Park Community Food Centre, )



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