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Moments in CS Info History – Workplace accommodation

Moments in CS Info History – September 15th 2004 Bulletin 284

Workplace Accommodation Law Includes Mental and Physical Health Issues

…..I asked Mr. Holder about a daily, practical plan for remaining in a workplace where one has made a complaint about refusal to accommodate. His response was to maintain strong support networks outside of work, do the job well, be professional about the fact of the complaint – don’t discuss it at work at all. Getting support to develop your professional skills to co-exist with a complaint at work could be helpful…


And now in 2019…

You have rights to participate in work. Employers must accommodate your needs to certain limits (“undue hardship”). You may have concerns about how and when to disclose disabilities (especially mental health or substance use disabilities). You might tell your employer what accommodation(s) you need for your disability rather than your diagnosis: “I am excited to work here. I have a disability… I need …a quiet space, extra time, that I can contribute to the company/organization”. Find more below and at the Ontario Human Rights Commission.



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