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The Bulletin #604 August 1, 2018

#7 – 604 August 1, 2018 

  1. Stay cool with dignity
  2. Moments in C/S Bulletin History
  3. News
  4. Resources
  5. Jobs
  6. Free Events
  7. Special issue of the Bulletin in September: Food!
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1. Staying cool with dignity

Have you tried the cooling centres which have bottled water, fruit juices and staff that can recognize the signs of heat-related illness: libraries, community and civic centres, rec centres and libraries?

Have you noticed benches have been removed from some parks (Moss Park)? Is this a strategy to deter certain types of park users? Does this affect the dignity of folks who have no where else to go and end up having to lie on the grass?

2 peaceful park benches

Stay cool and classy: Isolation and heat can be a particularly deadly combination for survivors. Reach out for community and ice! Check 211 for community resources and 311 for up to date Toronto programs. And let us know what barriers you face to accessing comfortable conditions.

Toronto Public Health: Beat the Heat – Tips on how to stay cool and prevent heat-related illness.

2. Moments in C/S  Bulletin History

Change in the role of the Bulletin:

==> From wish lists to systemic city wide information. Read More!

Bulletin 375 August 1, 2008: Hello Bulletin Readers, This issue we have a request for a portable CD player – discman type thing, no need for headphones, just the player is great. Someone else is looking for a racing or mountain bike, so he can become a bicycle courier. 

What does that mean for the Bulletin in 2018?
The Wishlist was created before Facebook, instant messenger, Craigslist and widespread cellphones. Now there is even a local downtown Toronto community that lets people trade and wish for items bunz (//

The Bulletin is now focusing on resources and topics that reach the broader service user community.  We want to connect you with the information you need to understand and control your health decisions and to inform the community.

3. News

Mad In Asia—Inclusion & Psychosocial DisabilitiesMad in Asia Logo - Sub heading rights justice inclusion

  • inclusion—is a tool and goal to move beyond medical, peer, or recovery models, which end up separating us from, rather than changing the world.
  • psychosocial disabilities—describe the experiences of people with impairments and participation restrictions related to mental health conditions. You might want to readthis  easy read version of the UN CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities).
  • Using “psychosocial” is also a way to connect to the broader disability movement.

How much is affordable housing?

Is it 30% of your income, average market rent, based on your ability to pay and taking into account any disabilities or special needs?
ACORN: Prepared a report on real affordable housing:  Affordable for Who?

4. Resources

Are you looking for another tool for advocacy – CRPD?
UNCRPD—Canada has made an international commitment to the Rights of People with Disabilities at The United Nations
How about the United Nations and the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities? You can find the official text here: //
But there is also an EasyRead version //
Note. Canada has not signed the Optional Protocol that would allow us to complain to the UN to have rights “enforced” ….yet

TTC – Fair Pass Discount Program

The Fare Pass Presto card saves money: $2.00 per ride, 115.50 month. If you receive a transport allowance from OW or ODSP check with a worker before you apply for the pass so that you don’t have that subsidy cut from your cheque.

Find the forms and the details at: //

TTC Fair Pass Discount

Harm Reduction + Community

Find an injection site and connect to community experts. You Vein Care Worshop
For and By people who inject drugs

Get Writing with the Toronto Writers Collective

Hearing Voices – Accepting Voices Workshop

5. Jobs & Funding

Consumer Survivor Run Businesses:

  1. Cleaner – Fresh Start Cleaners
  2. Cook – Raging Spoon – Raging Spoon is part of Working for Change
  3. Community Advocacy Team Lead – The Stop Community Food Centre

Board member sought:


Police Record Resource

6. Fun Free Events

General Tips on finding events:

  • We know there are lots of folks collecting events for Survivors so we don’t want to duplicate their efforts. If you do have a consumer survivor event, please submit it. If we don’t receive your event we probably won’t include it.   Sources of events:
    • Toronto Public Library
    • Now Magazine, Torontoist ( BlogTo (
    • Facebook

Toronto Public Library

Big events with huge authors and speakers at the Reference Library (789 Yonge Street //

The Library has a great Accessibility program. Learn More

Full listing of events


August 10th – Prisoner’s Justice Day 
September 22, 2018 Disability Pride March on September 22, 2018

Street Soccer Toronto

We will be playing at Earlscourt Park St. Clair and Landsdowne Avenue behind the Joe Picinnini Community Centre by the running track on Saturdays starting July 21 from 3-6.
 ALL welcome you can come as an individual or a team. No expertise or fancy shoes required! Totally free. Find more information about the league on Facebook.  You can also find highlights from the Homeless World Cup.

Lots more newsletters

  • · Ontario Peer Development Initiative OPDI “News to go” //
  • · Empowerment Council //
  • · Citizens With Disability Ontario (CWDO) //
  • · Housing Action Now—Great resource on housing advocacy in Toronto //
  • HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO) Newsletter)
  • · ARCH Alert, ARCH Disability Law Centre  //
  • · Voice of Our Own, Newsletter of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD), published four times per year //
  • · AODA Alliance – subscribe to e-news by emailing
  • · The Advocate – A Government Affairs Advisory Newsletter, Ontario March of Dimes //

Looking for Resources in the Regent Park and Moss Park area?

Check out the resource booklet prepared by Regent Park Community Health Centre. The booklet is meant to be printed and shared. Consider printing out a copy or two and sharing with friends. Could your area use one of these?

 Cover of Community Resource Booklet June 2018 by Regent Park Community Health Centre
Special Issue: September

7. Food  Access, Advocacy, Fun

Special Bulletin: September Issue FOOD  Access, Advocacy, Fun
Food is an important determinant of health. And getting and sharing good food just feels good.
Advocacy for good food is part of creating an inclusive community.

Food for thought:
1. How does food affect your mental health and life?
2. What does the community need to know about? Where do you access healthy/delicious/convenient/affordable food?
3. How would you prefer to get food (food programs, food banks, food banks where you choose what you want, farmers’ markets, or just get the cash to purchase and prep your own food?
4. What barriers prevent you getting good food (money, complicated programs, programs, recipes, inadequate housing, culturally inappropriate food…)
Email resources, strategies, and ideas

You can contribute to the planning through this FOOD Survey.

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Food Access, Advocacy, Fun

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