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Bulletin #609 January


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January 2019

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1. …looking forward to change,  survival, and animals in 2019

The Bulletin will continue to provide resources and information for consumer survivors, people who use drugs, Mad folks, weirdos, fun loving sad sacks, mad and wonderful folks in 2019.

Based on the principles that We are people. We continue to be people. We continue to survive.February will have a focus on relationships. · What isolates us? · How do we find relationships? · Meds and relationships? · And relationships with police, medical and justice system…

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  1. Intro: Big Changes need Survivor Responses
  2. Moments in C/S Bulletin History
  3. Rights and News
  4. Resources
  5. Jobs
  6. Key Free Events
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2. Moments in C/S  History

History – Moments in C/S  Bulletin History C/S Bulletin 361, January 1, 2008 –

2008: Helen Hook talked about resolutions for survival. And the importance of planning for crisis when you have the time and state of mind.Photo at night of a person holding an umbrella or fire with fire sparks works flying around.

and now in 2018: Recognize that if you are here you have survived lots of challenges from housing to hospitals to hopelessness.  Disabling and discriminatory barriers need to be run around, over or through. Good work. Happy new year – Tim

3. Flashback 2018: Rights, Advocacy


OW / ODSP Changes

Background: a great summary from ISAC  Bottom Line: So far many questions, few answers, and great risk for people with disabilities

Housing – Too many links to count

How much is affordable housing? Is it 30% of your income, average market rent, based on your ability to pay and taking into account any disabilities or special needs? ACORN: Prepared a report

Housing Action Now—Great resource on housing advocacy in Toronto

If you are having trouble with a  landlord, take a breath and consider talking to a peer, legal clinic, paralegal. Breathe and act.
Find Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario ACTO – Tip Sheet: //

Stay Warm – Shelter, Out of the Cold, Tents

“Disability” is an advocacy tool

People with disabilities have human rights and entitlements. We can speak back to power and review what does and doesn’t work like the Hearing Voices Network did in the Unity Kingdom.
Many organizations advocate for accessibility and inclusion for folks like us who face barriers created by social and discrimination:

Safe Injection Sites / Harm Reduction / Drug Prohibition

Image of overlapping circles on a blue background. Text: Safe Supply is Lifesaving Hydromorphone of 8 mg by

Social Pollution from workplaces

Auditor General of Ontario audited OW

  • they found Overpayments,  Underpayments, and “improbably high trends” in wheat and lactose intolerance. No confirmation about the amount of milk and wheat related gas.
  •  The auditor General of Ontario Report

4. Resources

Computers…who needs to know about them?

Free courses from top universities

  • Coursera access courses from different schools
  •—free courses from top universities that area bit more formal

Learn in a classroom or in person:

Toronto Library has a courses and they are a great starting point


TTC – Fair Pass Discount Program

The Fare Pass Presto card saves money: $2.00 per ride, 115.50 monthly pass. If you receive a transport allowance from OW or ODSP check with a worker before you apply for the pass so that you don’t have that subsidy cut from your cheque.

Find the forms and the details at: //

And more info at //

5. Jobs & Funding

Research about Peer Researchers Peers Project!

  1. Sound Times Support Services – Community Service Worker.

6. Fun Free EventsPhoto of a green bull frog with big cheeks.

General Tips on finding events:

Full list of events at Sound Times!

City of Toronto Event Listings—Lots of good stuff

Toronto Public Library 

  • Big events with huge authors and speakers at the Reference Library (789 Yonge Street)

all the Fun

Tangled Art + Disability—Call for Artists

Learn about Big Data…It already knows about you!

  • Artificial Intelligence (machine learning) is used to going to predict, analyze and provide products on Amazone. This will be coming to a hospital near you soon. We need to understand / influence it.


Food of the month for January is Citrus

Citrus thanks to the CRC

The Bulletin

Resources for Consumer / Survivors / People who use substances / Service and Substance Users / Fun Folks in TORONTO AREA

#11 – 608 December 1, 2018 

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