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Bulletin 610 February 2019 #13

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February 2019 #13 #610
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1. Changing relationships and surviving

Are we allowed to have relationships? Not just with workers, doctors and med/justice systems but real people? Part of the experience of being involved in the psychiatric system and other institutions like prisons is that we are isolated and told how to behave.

We are not given a lot of chances to take risks and fail.

Disability justice includes the right to a personal life and intimate relationships.

Inside: Relationships with emergencies, housing, jobs, events

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  1. Intro:Changing relationships and survival.
  2. Moments in C/S Bulletin History
  3. Rights and News
  4. Resources
  5. Jobs
  6. Key Free Events
  7. Projections of hope about opioid crisis
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2. Moments in C/S  History – Fun and Privatization

History – Moments in C/S  Bulletin History C/S Bulletin 294, February 15, 2005 – 

2008: Director quits over ‘offensive’ bear. Vermont Teddy Bear Co. has sold out of its $69.95 (U.S.) “Crazy for You” bear, which were sold complete with straitjackets and commitment papers.
2019 – You can still find the offensive/stigmatizing/awesome Halloween costumes and toys. Do you find the asylum story lines in Gotham, Split, Infinitely Polar Bear offensive? Why are there so many asylum themed escape houses?

Privatization of healthcare in 2005

Bridgepoint, CAMH, Toronto Grace called for a community meeting about the implications of the potential “public private partnership” (P3) redevelopment of our hospitals this spring. What does it mean for patients,  professionals, and community agencies?

Privatization in 2019

Privatization is (probably) not being considered by Premier Doug Ford: “He also told the bureaucrats that Health Minister Christine Elliott is working hard to protect the public health-care system, adding his government “will continue to ensure necessary funding for world-class health care in Ontario.””

Actions: Keep up with the news. Tell your MPP if you like public healthcare. Let Doug Ford know how you feel about private clinics because they may be coming. For example, some of his advisors are supporters of clinics: Gordon Campbell has supported Dr. Brian Day who is the founder of the private Cambie Surgery Centre  in Vancouver, which has brought a constitutional challenge to allow private healthcare. Hepburn, Toronto Star January 9, 2019.)

… Survivor history continues…
Next Month Hallway Health Care: A System Under Strain //

3. Flashback 2018: Rights, Advocacy

Our relationships to emergencies

Wouldn’t it be nice to get emergency therapy yesterday rather than a needle in ER? Or housing yesterday rather than running from shelter to warming centre today…

Homelessness: Crisis, emergency,
Governments often see us as the targets of the emergency rather than the solution.  

City council voted to not declare homeless an emergency on January 30th. Partly because homelessness is such an ongoing problem it isn’t an emergency. Voting No means that the Mayor cannot make big decisions and spend money to immediately create housing and shelters and to ask for help from higher level governments.
Do you have thoughts? Petition at Progress Toronto. Get more information at // If you really want to experience the debate: //

State of Emergency – Opioid Crisis

Health advocates urge Ontario to declare state of emergency over opioids.

[Province has limited the number of OPS/SIS sites] “The cap is the exact opposite of a proper response to the current crisis,” said Sarah Ovens, an organizer with the Toronto Overdose Prevention Society (TOPS).
“It is like nobody is steering this ship, nobody is in charge of co-ordinating this response at a higher level,” Ms. Ovens said
Source: // MORE at: // and //

Family of Soleiman Faqiri files $14M lawsuit over ‘excessive force’ they say killed him

More than two years after Soleiman Faqiri was found lifeless on the floor of an Ontario jail cell, the family of the 30-year-old man, who had mental illness, has filed a lawsuit against the province over the “excessive force” they believe ultimately killed him.

More than six months after his death, a post-mortem report deemed the cause of Faqiri’s death “unascertained,” with the Kawartha Lakes Police Service concluding there were no grounds for criminal charges against any of those involved. [CBC:  //]

More information: Faqiri…y-say-killed-him/


Funding up/down Mental Health

$633 million More for CAMH


– $3.1 million Cut of Program Development Services Program for Independent Facilitation
More about the program at

You might want to Contact MP to save or not save Independent Facilitation

No news about about how much Ontario will provide for community mental health, community organizations, self organized groups. More at

Housing Now Plan – Toronto

The plan calls for 10187 new units on 11 City owned properties.
Check out this map and perspective.

How much land do you think should be deeply affordable? ACORN is calling for 50%. Do you think Toronto land (and condo potential) is enough that developers will commit to real affordable housing?

Stay tuned. This plan is new so you can help shape it:
More at Soundtimes

Independent Street Checks Review:  End Them

The Honourable Michael H. Tulloch (2018) review discussed the ways police “check” and target different people.
“…Given the social cost involved with a practice that has not definitively been shown to widely reduce or solve crime, it is recommended that the practice of randomly stopping individuals to gather their identifying information for the creation of a database for intelligence purposes be discontinued in those remaining jurisdictions that still employ the practice.” More at

And what about those intimate relationships

Too often people with disabilities and institutions are seen as unworthy of relationships or sex.Getting the relationships and sex you want is part of disability justice:According to the World Health Organization, “Sexuality is an integral part of the personality of everyone: man, woman and child; it is a basic need and aspect of being human that cannot be separated from other aspects life.”

Can you u have a relationship when  you are mentally ill? 
Have you ever been asked how you could date (or be dated) someone like that? Is it different for “mental / psychosocial” disabilities than physical disabilities?

Open Minds Quarterly’s 17th annual BrainStorm Poetry Contest is open!

To enter the contest online, begin by reading through all the rules below and then click here to submit online. 
Contest by Consumer Survivor Initiative: NISA/Northern Initiative for Social Action

4. Resources

Podcasts – advocacy to humour


Description: Drug users are the experts. We’ve survived. We know policy better than policy-makers. We know law better than lawmakers. We know pharmaceuticals better than pharmacists. We know nobody’s coming to save us. So we gotta save ourselves.podcast crackdown listening-party

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Black Health Alliance

We take on the key issues that impact Black communities in Canada through:

  • Championing Health Equity
  • Research and Policy Analysis
  • Fundraising and Resource Development
  • Systems Change and Transformative Initiatives
  • Convening Collaboration and Capacity Building

We believe that focusing our efforts on moving the dial in the areas below will lead to the greatest impact in our communities:
Access the knowledge and community service hub. Beyond a Sound Mind, a forum to encourage dialogue around mental health and addictions

And New TTC Presto App

Look for the new Presto App

  • to load, get low balance warnings, view history and the Google Play and App Store

TTC – Fair Pass Discount Program

The Fare Pass Presto card saves money: $2.00 per ride, 115.50 monthly pass. If you receive a transport allowance from OW or ODSP check with a worker before you apply for the pass so that you don’t have that subsidy cut from your cheque.Hand holding the green Presto Card.

Find the forms and the details at: //

And more info at //

Harm Reduction ZinesMeth Ampetizine cover o a rose and a yellow skull with green leaves.

Kat Humphries from the Harm Reduction Action Centre made two guides for drug consumption and harm reduction:

Classes about Mad History·

  • New Course: The History of the Mad Movement & Alternatives to Biomedical Approaches is a new free course offered by the Institute for the Development of Human  Arts. The course has videos and discussion questions. Get some background and continue learning about our history and future.  //
  •  Have you heard about the Mad People’s History course and videos at Ryerson by David Reville //
  • Coursera access courses from different schools //·—free courses from top universities that area bit more formal.

Psych Meds and Sexual Side Effects

Psychiatrist Quote: “They say that 25% of users will have ED (Erectile Disfunction) from taking Effexor. I just happen to have patients that all 100% have difficulties.”
Take it easy on yourself and ask questions. CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), which prescribes lots of drugs (whether or not they are desired) states that :
· Anti-depressants and anti-psychotics (in different amounts) often have side effects including sexual effects on sex drive and function.
Citizens Petition Calls for Sexual Side Effect Warnings

InkWell Workshops

InkWell Workshops offers free, drop-in creative-writing workshops to people living with mental-health or addictions issues led by award-winning professional writers with lived experience of mental illness. Wednesdays.Inkwell logo

5. Jobs & Funding

Research about Peer Researchers Peers Project!

  1. Sound Times Support Services – Community Service Worker.
  2. Specialisterne Canada
  3. Fresh Start
  4. Employment Works (list of jobs)

Sound Times is still hiring Community Service Workers

Apply only at Charity Village.

Details at Sound Times Job Page

Specialisterne Canada is recruiting!

For any other inquiries, contact us anytime by email:

Raging Spoon – Dishwasher

Please submit your resume/C.V. either by mail, walk-in or e-mail to:
The Raging Spoon Catering
Address: 1658 Queen St. W. Toronto, ON M6R 1B2
Phone: 416.504.6128

JOB: Fresh Start Specialty Supervisor  

Fresh Start is currently looking to fill another Specialty Supervisor position.  The deadline for application is Friday February 15, 2019.  Karen Schwartz – apply Charity Village or

Employment Works

Generally, when applying, you’re better to apply to only one or two jobs at a time and really target your resume and cover letter to the jobs you’ve chosen, ideally the ones that best suit your qualifications and interests.  Sean Patenaude Employment Works! Coordinator

Human Resources Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH,) 416-535-8501 Ext. 30360

6. Fun Free Events

General Tips on finding events:

Tangled Art + Disability—Call for Artists – February 15

Selected Events

Feb 13 Cupcake decorating at CRC 

  • from 6-9 Sign up required. Contact Cavell Hart at 416-363-1827, extension 237.

Wed.. Feb 6 Death Café The Bluebird Bar, 2072 Dundas St W, Toronto,  A gathering at

February  07  Origins of root foods
A facilitator from AfriCan FoodBasket will discuss the origins of root foods including potatoes, carrots, dashees & eddoes.
At: 2793 Keele St (north of Wilson Ave) Downsview Library –  Program Room Time: 2pm – 3pm : 416 395 5720

Feb 19th Black History Month and the Law Society of Ontario Join the Law Society of Ontario and the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers on February 19th  Tuesday, February 19, 2019 This public event is free, but space is limited and registration is required. | 416-947-3413 | Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen St. W.

Planning Inclusive Events

Seminars, and Activities at Syracuse University Originally compiled by Alex Umstead and Diane Wiener (2012) Current revision by Kate Pollack and Diane Wiener (2018)
(Syracuse University Disability Cultural Center—//

7. Projecting a strong message a wall…

#WeCantWait #SafeSupplyWall that has text projected on it: "opioid overdose is now the leading cause of death for people aged 30 to 39 in Canada" and # CantWait
Learn more about the perspective of Canadian Association of People who Use Drugs:
Guerilla public service announcement: Opioid overdose is now the leading cause of death for Canadians aged 30-39. #LifeWontWait
Projections by David Mendes

The Bulletin

Resources for Consumer / Survivors / People who use substances / Service and Substance Users / Fun Folks in TORONTO AREA

#13 – 610 February 1, 2019

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