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Bulletin June 2019


the Bulletin

 June 2019

1. Madness, Community (Care)

“Shouting ‘self-care’ at people who actually need community care is how we fail people.” Nakita Valerio
Mental health systems diagnose and isolate us. We can do it to ourselves too. But distress is often caused by social, economic, discrimination forces that can’t be dealt with on an individual basis. What kind of community care would be best for you and your community?  Image of Parkdale Organize members outside the Toronto Food Terminal holding umbrellas in the rain. Signs read Parkdale Fights Back
Get inspired by Parkdale Organize, which brought 300 residents to a rainy rally to defend their neighbourhood. Wet solidarity is the strongest solidarity!

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  1. Intro: Madness, Community (Care)
  2. Moments in C/S Bulletin History – Wall
  3. Rights and News: Health, Housing,
  4. Resources
  5. Jobs
  6. Key Free Events
  7. Who is to Blame? Photos of the National Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis
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2. Moments in C/S  History – The Patient Wall at CAMH

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is erasing a piece of the city’s history by taking down a section of the wall surrounding the property, community members in the West Queen West neighbourhood say… explained Parul Pandya with Community Impact Non-Profit Consulting.
[CAMH’s Mawhinney]: “a small section of the east wall will be removed, in order to accommodate a new roadway that will eventually connect Stokes Street with Shaw Street, while increasing pedestrian access.

“The vision with redevelopment is really integration with the local community — preserve the wall and preserve the history but also to create a greater integration with the rest of the grounds.”

What about the work of Psychiatric Survivors to create resources, signs, and walking tours about the history of the work, exploitation that took place within these walls?
Check out the Psychiatric Survivor Archives  and New Paper: Geoffrey Reaume on Psychiatric Patient Built Wall Tours at Toronto’s CAMH

[And lots more at ST]

3. News, Health, Housing, Rights, Advocacy


Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

“Despite their different circumstances and backgrounds, all of the missing and murdered are connected by economic, social and political marginalization, racism, and misogyny woven into the fabric of Canadian society,” explained Chief Commissioner Marion Buller. “The hard truth is that we live in a country whose laws and institutions perpetuate violations of fundamental rights, amounting to a genocide against Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people.”

“The National Inquiry’s Calls for Justice, presented as legal imperatives rather than optional recommendations, outline transformative actions in the areas ofhealth, security, justice and culture…”
[More summaries at ST].

Changes to Shelters – Fewer total beds but new shelter beds

Staff of Shelter, Support and Housing Administration will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that space is available for people in need who are looking to “come inside” for warmth and support.

Fred Victor and CRC Amalgamated

“The integration of our affordable and supported housing programs, high-impact food security programs, skill building, employment, and community-based drop-in programs will create broader and deeper supports for the people who use our services.”


 Ontario plans to create a “Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence”.

What would you like to see in the Centre?
From the law: The Centre shall put the mental health strategy into action, create standards, measure standards and provide “resources and support to health service providers, integrated care delivery systems and others related to mental health and addictions”. Could this mean money for services that service users want, including community mental health and addiction organizations?

Public Health Cuts -uncut

This year’s cuts have been uncut. BUT cuts to cities, child care, public health, EMS for this year will CONTINUE as planned next year. These changes came because of organizing across the province. “More than 31,000 people in Toronto signed a petition demanding the province reverse the cuts”. Many different groups worked to stop the cuts including ACORN, Progress Toronto, and even the City of Toronto!

Space or Asylum – here’s a gap in our mental health services. I have an idea that can work

Andrea White and Mad Pride on the Rock have been working on an alternative to the usual mental health hospital/institutions:

“Our community needs an asylum in the original sense of the word.

A refuge. A sanctuary

A place that provides a holistic, non-judgmental, empathic and respectful service to anyone who needs it.

A place to breathe.”
[Language of relaxing, resistance or reclamation?]

This Viral Facebook Post Urges People to Rethink Self-Care

“Shouting ‘self-care’ at people who actually need community care is how we fail people.” Nakita Valerio

“Community care means showing up; it means that when you find yourself in the position of being able to give more than you need to receive, you do so. Depending on who you are and your strengths, this might mean receiving messages from someone who needs to be comforted and heard, bringing dinner to a sick friend or packing up an abused friend’s belongings as part of their exit plan from domestic violence…” [More at ST]

A Waste of 1,000 Research Papers – the Atlantic

How many research studies have you been part of? How many times have you started a drug and wondered if it was working? …Maybe they didn’t know what they were doing?

Checkout this article from the Atlantic by Ed Wong (May 17, 2019). ‘…Using data from large groups of volunteers, ranging from 62,000 to 443,000 people, the team checked whether any versions of these genes were more common among people with depression. “We didn’t find a smidge of evidence,” says Matthew Keller, who led the project.’

Madness, Violence, and Power: A Critical Collection

Violence can be fast, sharp, slow, systemic, by psychiatrists, social workers and survivors. Colonization, homophobia, racism, sexism and more cause some survivors (and communities) to be targeted, marginalized and seen as abnormal and not entitled to human rights. This is a heavy book but there are lots of articles to share and learn.
[More details about the book at ST.]

* Housing *

Right to Housing is a Canadian Law

We still need to advocate and reach politicians to make sure they know that we have a Right to Housing (R2H). Get on the email/phone/post office! Interesting Background Document on the R2H

Consult and Act for housing and justice. Make the politicians and organizations listen!

Lots of resources! Melissa Goldstein: You might want to connect with the Housing Now group on Facebook if you want to learn more and stay up to date.


OCAP Event Thursday, June 13 | 1pm-3pm | 230 Sherbourne St. Rally at Dundas & Sherbourne, followed by march to city hall.
Facebook Event | Lunch Provided Lots more info at ST.

Inspiration from Parkdale Organize

Parkdale Organize is a membership-based group of working class people who organize to build neighbourhood power in Parkdale.

Parkdale fights back against Ford cuts in neighbourhood rally  June 6th “at 8:00am, in the midst of our daily grind, over 300 Parkdale parents, students, teachers and workers met on Jameson. We came together to demonstrate our strength in the face of attacks on our neighbourhood.” [More at ST]

4. Resources

Look for the new Presto App

  • to load, get low balance warnings, view history and the Google Play and App Store
  • And New TTC Presto App

TTC – Fair Pass Discount Program

Find the forms and the details at: //
And more info at //

Episodic Disabilities

‘Uncertain Futures’: An Episodic Disabilities Discussion Paper  Episodic Disabilities Network (EDN) //

5. Jobs & Funding

Research about Peer Researchers Peers Project!

Want to work in the Mad service sector: Charity Village has lots of job listings – search “mental health”, “substance use”  //

JOB: Fresh Start Cleaner  

Fresh Start is currently accepting applications from  Consumer/ Survivors for Extreme Cleaning Services.  Apply to Karen Schwartz at 416-504-4262, #227 or

EDEN—Episodic Disability Employment Network


6. Fun Free Events in April

General Tips on finding events:

The Big List of fun community events – compiled by Amber Graydon

  • over 40 pages of community events
  • daily, weekly. Free. Fun.

Housing and Justice Actions, events, consultations – compiled by Melissa Goldstein

  • housing action network, Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness, City of Toronto and more…

Highlights for June

June 13 – OCAP EXPROPRIATE 214-230 SHERBOURNE1pm-3pm | 230 Sherbourne St. Rally at Dundas & Sherbourne, followed by march to city hall. Facebook Event | Lunch Provided

InkWell Workshops – Launch of I Am A Lake

Na-Me Res Traditional Pow Wow

  • Saturday June 22 Fort York National Historic Site, 250 Fort York Blvd

Toronto Pride runs until June 30th and the Festival is the weekend of the 21-23. Here is the link to the Glossy Pride Guide.

Also get ready for the Mad Hatter Pride BBQ on July 11

7. Crackdown podcast goes to Portugal

In 2001, Portugal decriminalized the simple possession of drugs. Ever since it has become a  beacon for progressives, activists, and drug users around the world. On episode 5 of Crackdown, Garth goes to Portugal to figure out whether the country has found a solution to North America’s overdose crisis.

The Bulletin

Resources for Consumer / Survivors / People who use substances / Service and Substance Users / Fun Folks in TORONTO AREA

#17 – 614 June 2019
An oak tree comes from a single nut that stood its ground.” –Author Unknown Organizing Guide for Psychiatric Survivors MindFreedom International
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